Closure & Bye Bye.. :-)

November 23, 2008

Everything may come to an end – but personally, I always believe that there is no true what an end signifies to me is just a transformation..

With the introduction by Dr.Selvakumar, I had started writing this blog in spite of my own thoughts against it..

It has been a nice time to get new friends and foes..Overall the journey in blogosphere was ok..and my sincere thanks to many of you to have dropped in and who might be dropping in..and of course my special thanks to Dr.Selva and Mr.Raman for their motivations..

I personally like(d) writing in tamil which I halted sometime back..and continued to write English and guess this is the right time to call for the closure…In cricketing terms this is Declaration to resume later and not retirement or retired hurt..

Well, for those who are blogging for long time..I’m sure they are my gurus and they know better what it is like when you post and when you get comments and stuff of those kind..

For those who are only readers..I must appreciate you for your interest to keep track of happenings in other(‘s) world…

My suggestion to the new ones..who are going to start or planning to start are

1) “Be cautious…of what you are writing since it reflects in multiple perceptions for the readers..and don’t get addicted – this is no way different from cigars/drinking/living….there are more forces that shall make your mind tumble and get absorbed…..”

2) “It is a great opportunity for you to reach out to a wide audience and hence try to create positive impact for other’s mental peace with more humour”

at the one-liner reaction to this experience is…

—-No loss No gain—-


I might come back..and might continue to write my…

Wishing you all good health and happiness…

– SubbuN


November 19, 2008

Can mask/take-advantage of their foolishness

Community Movie Watching..

November 18, 2008

Pongal (a fantastic period in Tamilnadu to witness life full of fun around you, especially when you are living in small town/village. Colourful cows and loudspeaker (people who dont know to be happy claim this as noise pollution..) and full music..Fatastic part is the new releases of various Thalivar (Rajani,Kamal,…) movies and full rush to get to see the movies..through fan clubs…

Well, to top all the above mentioned daylight activities the night life would be even more fun..Full of lights and various games and competetions held for children and what a sound and activity it brings

The ultimate experience for everyone comes in the night after 10.00 – video deck arrives (in the auto..which was a costly mode of transport, then) and everyone is excited to know what old movies and what new movies are going to be casted..Trust me, whole night non-stop movie watching..

It would traditionally start with a well-known religious movie (im sure everyone would have seen those movies atleast 10 times earlier if not more), and the mood gets set and it is such a beautiful thing to watch the movie when whole community is vibrating with full enthu…The most essential thing to note that, the crowd is heterogeneous mix of age and sex..Every one gets something from his home to eat (muruku, kamarakat, theen mutai, kadala, etc..) and share and eat these with the respective gang..(Teens who assume themselves as heros..never care for these silly things and have cigars during songs sequences). Whistles and throwing of papers (used lottery tickets) kept ready to throw up and dance..during key fighting and song scenes..

It used to be such a wonderful thing to wait for the offical first movie that is next to the saamy padam(religious movie) – to see the new the protocol is like this first the religious movie then a new movie (less than 5 yrs before released) and then a old movie (20 years before released). Afer this it would be an alternating sequence of new and old movies and manytimes when the older people go home back after early used to be only the new movies….

Ofcourse there would be discussions amongst the older people on how nasty/worst the new movies have become unlike the old ones…( i guess this is a common topic for all ages..)..and amongst the younger would be comparisions between various hero’s and heroines..

The most important thing is all the above mentioned activities, (sports, other competitions and movies) are from the amount collected from individual homes..and it used to be such a great community activity…

Back to 2000.. More homes even in small towns start experiencing the home theatre experience..and needless to say about cities..Yet the fun to go to a theatre to watch(community movie watching ) is still there..except that there are different protocols now like one should not carry anything from home(something made at home is dangerous..for their business) and no whistles and one has to be indecent to dance……yet the underlying fact is that “community movie watching is still an effective entertainment..”


November 18, 2008

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November 15, 2008

Root cause of problem


November 14, 2008

One that is born out of extreme LOVE for other


November 4, 2008

of Objective defines the success of it


November 4, 2008

Sketches to identify deviations..later..


October 31, 2008



October 31, 2008

Faster than light…